"After my shoulder luxation it became clear that I needed surgery.
Since I am a passionate kitesurfer, I wanted to find specialists that are able to understand what a kitesurfer requires to get back on the water without having any limitations.

Luckily the kitesurf community is a tight community, so it didn’t take long for me to get in touch with Leon. I already heard about Leon being a kitesurfer himself and that he already worked his magic with some pro kitesurfers. So meeting up with him was just a formality for me. Besides him coming across as very knowledgeable, he turned out to be a really nice guy as well! So now it was just a matter of finding a surgeon with a shoulder specialization and this how I met Roeland. Roeland is the other half of Kitemedical and a kitesurfer as well. Roeland is that type of person that you trust straight away. He is able to explain everything in a manner which is clear as daylight, therefore Roeland was able to put my mind at ease immediately.

Roeland and Leon made me feel confident that I would fully recover and that it wouldn’t take as long as I thought to get back out there on the water and they were right!
Leon is a great motivator and an expert in sport and injury specific physical therapy and Roeland is simply the best surgeon one could ask for.

I am very grateful that the Kitemedical crew was on my side during this journey of surgery and recovery. These guys are passionate, committed experts in their field of work. You can count on them on being involved in a personal manner, having the answers to all your questions and getting you back on top of your game before you know it!"


Arne Burger, Passionate kiteboarder