Wat sporters zeggen

"Kitemedical is the best support you can ever get if you are a kitesurfer and you get a injury. Not only physical help as rehab or surgery, but a lot of moral help that makes the rehab be much more motivating. Simply the best"



Julia Castro Christiansen, Professional Kiteboarder

"For me as a professional athlethe when I have a injury the urge to get back to the top is always there. And I want to be back ASAP.

When I had my shoulder luxation and I met up with Roeland and Leon the right feeling was there straight away. Everything was explained in a normal language ( not doctor language haha) And most important they knew that I need surgery fast to get back out there asap as well. Within 3 days I was having my surgery, the surgery was not the most complicated one but for me the feeling that I was having with this team was the keyword for me. After the surgery the whole rehab program was a very involed program. I was always able to call, skype, chat or any other way to have contact with the team.

I already have recomend this team to a lot of people and I will do so in the future. Thanks for your help and motivation."


Youri Zoon, Professional Kiteboarder

What an eye opener Kitemedical is! They know you want to be back at your level riding and do anything they could to help you getting there again! They are the best in business and i should recommend them to everyone!



Kevin de Smidt, Kiteboarder